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Vista Sol Buenos Aires Design Hotel

Tucuman, 451, City Centre


Average satisfaction rating out of 5 for this property among customers:

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Customer Rating: 5/5

From: Hotel Guest, details on file. (Brazil)

Submitted on 23-Apr-2008 (English)

Bom hotel!! Bons Funcionários!! Excelente

Customer Rating: 5/5

From: Hotel Guest, details on file. (Uruguay)

Submitted on 17-Feb-2007 (English)

This was my first visit to Buenos Aires and the hotel was perfect, excellent location, excellent service, and great rooms for a low price. I highly recommend it and my thanks to the staff for making our visit comfortable, and providing the extras needed for us to travel comfortably with a small child.

Customer Rating: 4/5

From: Hotel Guest, details on file. (Spain)

Submitted on 12-Nov-2008 (English)

La recepción debería ser felicitada por su cordialidad y sobre todo por su profesionalidad.

Customer Rating: 4/5

From: Hotel Guest, details on file. (Brazil)

Submitted on 2-Jun-2008 (English)

Clean, confortable, beautiful.

Customer Rating: 4/5

From: JAIME WALTER (Brazil)

Submitted on 26-May-2008 (English)

Space in-room is a bit small, but room is clean and brand new with a modern design. Excelent location if you look for downtown shopping and Puerto Madero area.

Customer Rating: 4/5

From: Surendra Naidoo (South Africa)

Submitted on 14-May-2008 (English)

I moved from a more expensive hotel in Recoleta to be in the city centre. Vista was a better hotel in every way. Friendly staff, smiling faces, beautiful & well equipped rooms & excellent value for money. I would strongly recommend it.

Customer Rating: 4/5

From: Hotel Guest, details on file. (United Kingdom)

Submitted on 11-Oct-2007 (English)

Excellent value for money:only problem was that hotel tried to charge in pesos. Fortunately I had the booking which stated the agreed price in US$. they were insistent at first I paid pesos amount converted to dollars which was higher than price quoted. Eventually they accepted price I showed them on booking form. I expect most people don't bother to pursue this. I'm sure this is common practice as it happened in another hotel in BA.

Customer Rating: 3/5

From: Leandro Carneiro (Brazil)

Submitted on 12-Oct-2008 (English)

I found the room to be smaller than I imagined when I saw the pictures over the net.

Customer Rating: 3/5

From: Hotel Guest, details on file. (Brazil)

Submitted on 31-May-2008 (English)

1) O hotel tem apenas 1 computador disponível para os clientes e pago, a conexão é lenta e o tamanho do monitor é inadequado. Não há limitação de tempo por cliente, por exemplo de 15 minutos, quando outros estão aguardando. Com isso, a maioria fica sem poder utilizar esse serviço; 2) na recepção, não houve qualquer demonstração de vontade de agradar o cliente no quesito disponibilizar cama de casal, ainda que chegamos no dia naterior ao início do feriado. Foi um "erro" de concepção do hotel, no desenho de interiores, não permitir unir as camas, por exemplo; 3) as toalhas de banho são bem encardidas/sujas, incompatível para um hotel que nos cobrou diária de u$ 165,00.

Customer Rating: 3/5

From: Mark D. Turner (United States)

Submitted on 11-Sep-2007 (English)

The hotel staff were friendly and the accommodations were adequate. However, the room was very small, literally only large enough for a double bed. Also, while they advertise a business center, it mounts to only a computer terminal sitting outside the elevator doors and adjacent to the restaurant. The hotel is fine for tourist but it is not adequate for traveling businessmen.

Customer Rating: 2/5

From: Hotel Guest, details on file. (Chile)

Submitted on 26-May-2008 (English)

Can hear sounds and voices between roms, no ventilation in bathrooms (in none of the 2 rooms we slept, it worked), glass door for bathroom very unconfortable, need to have more pillows, too small closet, etc...